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Red and Blonde Hair Ideas

Sunday, October 13th 2013. | Hair Color Ideas, Hair Styles

Red hair, and blonde hair, are sexy and sultry colors that most women are dying to achieve in their own hair. Why not combine the two? Red and blonde hair ideas are somewhat new, but they are striking and stunning depending on the base color and the accent colors you use. Remember, some types of coloring can be done using extensions rather than actual hair dye which is better and healthier for your hair. Talk to your stylist about all your coloring options before you begin.

The first step to consider when looking at red and blonde hair ideas is what the base color is that you will want to work with. Do you want to be a blonde? Or is a red-head better suited for your complexion? Be sure you look into what shades of blonde and red are best suited for your skin tones. Though at first glance all hair colors look the same, their undertones can affect the hue of your skin, making it appear purple or green if you match the wrong color with your skin tone.

Once you’ve settled on your base hair color, then you have to choose what color highlights you would like and what type of highlights, or low-lights, are appealing to you. Do you want streaks? Do you want stripes? Ask yourself, and discuss with your stylist, how realistic you want the coloring to look. While younger women may be able to get away with outlandish oranges and reds, older women will probably be looking for something a bit more natural.

red and blonde hair ideas

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