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Short Curly Hairstyles with Bangs

Friday, January 10th 2014. | Hair Styles, Short Hairstyles

Super short curly hairstyles with bangs are youthful and enchanting! The look best on those who are small and sprite-like, giving them a charm and fairy-like look of mischief. Pixie cuts in particular are well suited to those who have short curly hairstyles with bangs.


Is your hair a little longer? Short curly hairstyles with bangs that are a bit longer than the pixie can be sultry and seductive. They suit most face shapes and will work well with larger women and rounder faces. A cheekbone or chin-length cut can suit any face shape and size with a little clever styling. Tips like curling away from the face or layering off the cheekbones and instead cutting layers at chin and eye level!


Any type of curl can be cut short; wavy and tight! Tight curls can even be razor cut as long as you use a stylist that is used to cutting curly, thick hair. They should know to always cut with the curl, not against, to layer your hair, and to always and only cut with a fresh razor on wet hair.


Having short hair that you’ve curled with bangs is a great way to look cute and trendy. Bangs flatter every face shape and style, so they’re an excellent choice when trying out new hairstyles. Even if the style doesn’t flatter quite the way you’d like, the bangs definitely will! Bangs can easily change a style from unflattering to flattering by adding angles and movement. With curly hair they can be cut long too which gives them even more usefulness when working them into a style!

short curly hairstyles with bangs

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