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Short Purple Bridesmaid Dress

Sunday, October 20th 2013. | Bridesmaid Dresses, Fashion Styles, Wedding Styes

Choosing a bridesmaid dress is one of the hardest choices that the bride will make, especially where her attendants are concerned. If you’ve got your heart set on dressing your attendants in a short purple bridesmaid dress then you’re one step closer to getting your attendants sorted. But remember, just because you’re set on a color and a length doesn’t solve the problem of attendant size and shape or dresses that fit them.


First decide how short is short? Tea length? Knee length? Above the knee? These are all length options to look at when choosing a short purple bridesmaid dress. When considering the length for your bridesmaid dresses, consider the shapes and comfort levels of the girls you are choosing. Heavier girls will be less comfortable and look less attractive in a super short knee-length or higher dress, while a fuller tea-length will flatter everyone.


Because having multiple styles of dresses is becoming common, the next step is to pick what shade of purple is best for your girls. Pick a color that will suit all skin tones and hair colors without washing anyone out. If someone is at risk of being washed out, recommend that they get a quick spray on tan professionally done before the wedding.


Once your length and color are sorted, you’ll want to look at style. Remember, certain styles flatter certain body shapes better and the best way to ensure that each of your bridesmaids looks their best is to give each of them the option to choose. Let them know that they are going to be wearing a short purple bridesmaid dress, and then give them a few pre-selected options to choose from that come in the shade you want and in the sizes most appropriate for your attendants.

short purple bridesmaid dress

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