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Short Tapered Bob Hairstyles

Thursday, January 2nd 2014. | Bob Hairstyles, Hair Styles, Short Hairstyles

Short tapered bob hairstyles are a modern and popular way of styling your hair. Most styles graduate the length from front to back, with the back shorter than the front; but they can also be done in reverse and even in varying lengths! In fact, short tapered bob hairstyles are ideal for those women interested in trying an asymmetrical bob as the lengths in the front can be different but the length in the back easily remains the same.


Short tapered bob hairstyles are the best of both the long and short hairstyle worlds. The longer length can be cut down to the shoulders, then the hair can be tapered back till it’s above the neck. This keeps the hair comfortably off the neck, but gives the appearance of a full, long and luxurious head of hair from the front.


Don’t be afraid to vary the lengths as you taper them. Some women do best with multiple lengths and layers as they add movement that keeps them from appearing as though they have a hair helmet over their head. Talk with your stylist about layers, razor cutting and bangs. Bangs are a great way to add shape, movement and angles without adding much more time in front of the mirror in the morning.


Bob hairstyles are very popular and the tapered, short bob hairstyles are extremely versatile and flattering on almost all body shapes and face types. With a little experimentation, finding a bob hairstyle that’s right for you won’t be too hard!

short tapered bob hairstyles

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