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Shoulder Length Choppy Hairstyles

Monday, September 9th 2013. | Hair Styles, Medium Hairstyles

Shoulder length choppy hairstyles have been making a comeback along with the shag. They are easy to style, are practically wash-and-wear, and give women a natural look without much hassle. If you’re looking for a new haircut, shoulder length choppy hairstyles are a great way to try shorter hair with little fuss.


If you want a simple, yet classy, look consider choppy shoulder length hair with feathered bangs. The feathered bangs bring attention to the eyes and cheekbones, while the choppy layers in the rest of the hair give hair volume and fullness.


Take it up a notch by adding a little curl with your shoulder length choppy hairstyles by using a big barrel curler to add loose curls that you can lightly brush out into waves. It adds a hint of natural glamour without much hassle.


If you like a little punk or a little bit of rock-n-roll try choppy layers with choppy bangs. This is a wash-and-wear style: let the hair just fall where it may.


Choppy layers suit messy hair very well if you loved the tousled bed head look. Use wet hair gel, scrunch in some waves, dry and go!


Bring the focus from your hair to your face with long cut asymmetrical bangs that have been sideswept. Have them cut beneath the eye, around the nose, then gently feather them to the side. This will give you a sultry look, adding angle to round faces, accentuating eyes and highlighting cheek bones.


Similarly, you can marry longer bangs with chin-length layers and shoulder-cut layers to give yourself a punk princess-style look.

shoulder length choppy hairstyles

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