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Super Short Hair

Saturday, November 23rd 2013. | Hair Styles, Short Hairstyles

Super short hair is definitely trendy right now. Many celebrities are sporting these shorter hairstyles! It takes a brave woman to chop her locks, but don’t be afraid! Any woman can pull off a super short haircut and style if she comes at it with understanding of her facial structure and some styling tricks to help make any cut work with her face.

Remember, a super short cut isn’t limited to the pixie. There are a number of super short cuts, including the bob, that are out there. You can find a style that works with your face and body shape without making feel as though you look lopsided or awkward.

Round faced women and women who are heavy, are the most likely to be concerned about pulling off a short haircut, but the tip to any super short hair style is to remember to give it height. By adding height to your hair you are adding length to your face. It confuses the eye and make your face look longer than it really is which thins out your face shape and can even help balance a super short hair cut against a larger body style.

The key to any good haircut or style is having a stylist that you feel comfortable working with and talking to. Be sure you address any concerns with them and they will be able to help you pick a short style that accents your eyes or cheekbones and flatters round cheeks or a square jaw!

super short hair

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