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Wavy Short Hairstyles

Tuesday, January 21st 2014. | Hair Styles, Short Hairstyles

Wavy short hairstyles can be achieved with any hair type on most face and body shapes as long as you know a few little tips and tricks to make this style work for you. First, remember that short hair is considered to be anything cut from the chin up and that you can achieve the feel of short hair without sacrificing all your length by considering graduated styles like the graduated bob. These styles are most commonly  cut high and short in the back, and then grow in length till they are chin length in the front. This is a versatile style that suits almost everyone and looks beautiful with wavy hair.


Thanks to the natural different in lengths with wavy hair, wavy short hairstyles can be cut using any method because adding movement is less of an issue. If you can find a stylist that is comfortable razor cutting your hair, then you should definitely consider it as it lightens the edges of a cut and makes it appear more wind-blown and free.


Wavy short hairstyles can be cut as short as a pixie cut and are well suited for them. The natural wavy makes styling easy; all you need to do is spray a little sea salt into your hair and muss with your finger tips. The natural wave will settle and look fantastic!


Coloring wavy hair is also a good option to add some pizazz to your short hairstyle. The natural twists and turns in wavy hair make highlights and low lights ideal as the different colors may all get a chance to shine in a single strand of hair as it twists and turns down your head.

wavy short hairstyles

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