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Women Faces

Saturday, November 16th 2013. | Beauty Styles, Fashion Styles, Hair Styles

When considering a new style, women’s faces’ shape is very important. Women’s faces are usually found in one of six shapes: oval, round, square, oblong, heart or diamond.


An oval shaped face is longer than it is wide with a forehead that is a little wider than the chin. It is considered by many stylists to be “ideal” as it is well-balanced and looks well with almost any hairstyle, length or texture.


Round women’s faces are, well, round. They have prominent, almost chubby cheeks and the length and width are about equal. The shape lacks angles and is wider than the oval or oblong. Those with round faces want to avoid hairstyles that are ear-length, blunt straight-cut bangs, and styles that add volume to the sides but not the top. The goal with styles for round faces is to add fullness on top and angles through side-swept bangs.


Square shape faces have a prominent jaw and square chin with a forehead and jaw that are about the same width. Steer clear of blunt-cut bangs, center parts and jaw-length bobs as these just enhance your jaw. Women with square faces want to try curls or waves, side-swept bangs and layers to soften the jaw line.


Those with an oblong face often assume their face is oval shaped as they share many characteristics. Oblong faces, however, are slightly longer and have a pointy chin. It may be angular as well, but is not always. Avoid many of the same pitfalls as the square face and instead focus on full and textured styles. Wedge cuts and graduated bobs are also excellent options. Plus, oblong faces can get along with blunt cut bangs!


If you have a heart shaped face your forehead and cheekbones are wide, but your jaw is narrow and your chin pointy. Avoid blunt bangs and slicked back styles, but definitely go for chin and jaw length bobs. Textures such as curls and waves are also excellent options.


A diamond shaped face is narrow at the forehead and jaw but wide at the cheekbones. It is a rare face shape with well defined cheekbones; because of this avoid styles that are full around the ears. Center parts are also a bad idea as they can cause the face to look unbalanced. The goal with this face shape is to highlight the cheekbones without making the face look chubby or unbalanced so straight hair with turned out ends is a great choice.

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